The Intricity Retail Intelligence Solution

Retail organizations face complicated data analysis across their business lines. Waves of product SKUs must constantly change with social trends. Complicate this with thousands if not millions of unique customers, each with their own preferences, as well as the sheer quantity of transactions that retailers execute.



It’s easy to get mired in the complexity and make costly mistakes. You need to possess the strategic technology tools necessary to speed up market trends response, deliver price competitiveness and bring new SKUs to market faster.

Understanding the Big Picture in Retail Intelligence


Leverage Your Data with Intricity  

The Intricity Retail Intelligence solution – Powered by Informatica -- helps you stay two steps ahead of the competition. As the world’s leading independent provider of data integration software, it is no wonder that over half of the top 60 Fortune 500 retailers rely on Informatica’s solutions to transform their business intelligence and data governance experience.;

Backed by this industry leading technology, Intricity – the leading Informatica solution provider for the retail sector – is able to bring their deep understanding of retail infrastructure to create a smooth and seamless transformation for their clients.

Utilizing Informatica's Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM) and PowerCenter Real Time Edition, Intricity strategically engages with your business stakeholders to identify the sequence of specialized retail solutions. This includes Customer Loyalty Program integration, Cost-to-Shelf and Intraday Point-of-Sale Data to facilitate and evolve your customer experience while creating operational efficiencies that contribute directly to the bottom line.

The Intricity Retail Intelligence Solution provides you with a customer standardization backbone to let you manage single customer profiles, regardless of the many sources of this customer data. We’ll help you avoid major marketing woes such as:

  • Wasting marketing dollars due to mailers sent to incorrect addresses
  • Relying on campaign effectiveness driven by guesswork
  • High customer churn
  • Riddling your customer loyalty programs with duplicate customer records that don't allow flexible house-holding
  • Scattering product definitions across a wide variety of channels, creating rigidity in rolling out new SKUs
  • Creating a disjointed customer experience between bricks and mortar and the Web


Intricity Customer Loyalty Program Integration

Every retailer wants a better relationship with their customer, but the complexities of developing and managing customer data can be discouraging, if not overwhelming. With so many customer touchpoints (such as social media, online profiles, bricks-and-mortar loyalty cards, and mail catalog subscribers) it can be difficult to pinpoint your customer’s value when your organization has so many profiles of the same person. Read more…


Intricity Intra-day POS Data Connector Tool

Bringing your point-of-sale to a real-time capture empowers a host of capabilities, including making major supply chain decisions. What if you could retrieve your point-of-sale data throughout the day, rather than rolling your data up at the end of the day? By leveraging Informatica’s powerful real-time capabilities, Intricity is able to provide you with invaluable intra-day POS data, straight from your cash register system. Read more…



The process of adding new SKUs on a constant basis requires a lot of valuable time and money. Retailers need greater agility when bringing new SKUs to market. Intricity’s Cost-to-Shelf solution provides automated product information management and analysis capabilities so new supplier SKUs can be easily introduced to the shelf and tracked. Intricity’s Cost-to-Shelf solution even enables merchants to negotiate from a holistic picture of a product’s cost as it sits on a shelf. This includes the supply chain costs such as shipping and storage. Read more…



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